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Leadership: Truth or Dare? cards provide an easy and effective tool to infuse your life and your organization with best practices for courageous and authentic leadership.

Whether you've embarked on a personal reflective journey into leadership, or you intend to enhance the leadership abilities of your team, Leadership: Truth or Dare can help you turn leadership concepts into practical realities.

59 Challenges to Juice Up Your Leadership Skills

Leadership: Truth or Dare features 59 thought-provoking cards that highlight leadership traits and offer Truth and Dare challenges for you and your team. Discover your own leadership "truth" and "dare" yourself to step into your true power as a leader. $19.95 per deck.

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Create Your

Use the cards to acknowledge outstanding leadership on your team. Dedicate a card to someone on your team for their initiative and leadership.

Experiential Activities

Draw three cards and brainstorm with your team how you are using each skill. Dare yourself to explore new ways of using these skills in a community project.

Teambuilding Icebreakers

Use the cards in meetings, as a networking activity, or as a way to begin every day. Dare your team to take on one skill a day. Encourage communication and sharing of insights.

Personal Development

Use the cards to evaluate your own leadership style and to challenge yourself to take your leadership to the next level.

"The Leadership: Truth or Dare cards had a tremendous positive impact on the group I worked with! These students were al- ready strong leaders, and the cards allowed them to discover new ways to support one another, question how to be an even better leader, and inspire the group to come together as a community."

James McCray, Psy.D.
Experiential Educator

"Many of us encounter small groups that may be difficult to debrief for one reason or an- other. I found that correlating the small group experience to the ‘Truth or Dare’ card that each individual held to be extremely useful in facilitating more meaningful conversations and interactions."

Keri Rogers
Sam Houston State University

"As an experiential educator, I have found countless uses for the Leadership: Truth or Dare cards. One of my favorite uses is to place a card in a Ziploc baggie as the prize to be found when reaching a bearing on an orienteering course or at a hole playing Frisbee golf. Team members then take turns using the cards taking a dare, sharing a truth and reading the quote to the group.”"

Elizabeth Keifer
Outward Bound Facilitator

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